Manly Guys: Redefining Masculinity with the Animal Print Fleece Slippers

I’m always up for having a sewing buddy! This time, I teamed up with my mom.

Manly Guys Redefining Masculinity with Animal Print Fleece Slippers using Green Pepper Pattern and Jiffy Grip Leopard, Giraffe, Zebra Rainbow Print

A couple weeks back while running errands with my mom, I asked her to swing by the fabric store for some materials. But little did I know that she would be shopping for fabric too! She planned to sew fun socks for my brother and his roommates. Not only was this fabric she bought fleece, but it was also animal print & colorful!

Who would’ve thought that guys wore or wanted such accessories?

Well, apparently they do and they love them! (Because of this, I decided to start the Manly Guys Series.) My mom told me that guys (cough…specifically my brothers) want these fun accessories and can’t find them in stores…and it’s especially hard to find them if they have size 13- 15 feet!

I guess I can agree with this statement. My brother’s Christmas wish list last year did have fuzzy colorful socks listed.


zebra fleece socks Green Pepper Patterns Slippers

So this past Sunday, we whipped out some colorful animal print socks/slippers! We used the Green Pepper Inc. Poloar Slipper F837 Pattern and were very pleased with the pattern, directions, and results! This was the first time I ever used a Green Pepper Inc. pattern and I would definitely use them again and recommend it for you!

zebra fleece socks Green Pepper Patterns Slippers

I did the cutting and serging of seams, while my mom did the cutting and embroidering.

She used Jiffy Grip for the football numbers at the bottom of the slippers.

fleece animal print socks football numbers

fleece animal print socks football numbers
My mom zigzag stitched the Jiffy Grip football numbers to the bottom pieces of the slippers.

The process went a little faster with my serger. Instead of stitching the pieces together with a zigzag stitch, I serged the pieces together.

fleece animal print socks football numbers

We were pleased with the results. The only issues we had were with the rainbow zebra fleece. The fleece had a little more stretch than the other fleece fabrics which caused the machine to eat the fabric a few times.

fleece animal print socks football numbers

Now let’s see what the manly guys think!

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