House of Godfrey Coming Soon

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In collaboration with my sisters, I created H O U S E  of  G O D F R E Y designs during summer 2016. Over the last year, I have tested the designs, fit, and wash with family, friends and loyal customers 🙂 I plan to finally (and officially) release some of the designs in September! Stay tuned!  ...

Chloe’s First Holy Communion Dress from Mother’s Wedding Dress

White Embroidered Communion Dress Recycled Made from Wedding gown flower girl full skirt pink floral

This was one special dress to make! Not only was this dress made from her mother’s wedding dress/skirt, I was also a bridesmaid in the wedding! When Chloe arrived for her first fitting/planning session in December, her mom arrived with plans to create a less poofy A-line pleated skirt dress. (A design you often see for First Holy Communion dresses.) But these plans were quickly nixed, when Chloe and her siblings spun and danced around in the sample poofy tulle skirts and dresses in my studio.  Chloe convinced us to make the dress bigger and the skirt circle cut (for spinning purposes)!  Watch Chloe Spin in the final dress here  Keeping the full hem of the skirt...


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  WARNING TO CONSUMERS AND THOSE INTERESTED IN ANAGRASSIA PRODUCTS   All of the product images on my website (, blog (, Etsy Shop (, and and social media accounts ( & are my images (unless credited to another photographer/person)! If you see my (Anagrassia) images anywhere else on the web, they were stolen! The people, businesses, and blogs who have stolen the images are frauds!   Some of the sites which I have seen my photos being used to sell cheap imitations are: DHGATE, ALIEXPRESS, ALIBABA, and EBAY. ___________ Beware of Etsy shops that have stolen my designs and name. These knock-off leotards have both poor workmanship and...

Alencon Lace Crop Top & Pleated Skirt for Malanka 2016

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Here are some photos of my Malanka (Ukrainian New Years) 2016 dress. This dress was very comfortable to wear and fun to dance in! The skirt was made from material I bought from Haberman Fabrics (in Royal Oak Michigan) when I bought my sister’s wedding dress fabric. I think the material is a rayon or rayon & cotton blend. It was an “end of the bolt” clearance fabric without a descriptive tag. I love my natural fabrics, but I also like rayons (to be more specific…lyocell/tencel rayons). The lyocell fabrics move like silk, but they don’t wrinkle like silk! They also are less expensive and stronger than silk!  Contact me if you would...