The NEW Bergé (Flower Girl) Dress

Flower girl dress lace embroidery bubble

Here are some photos of the new Bergé Dress. (Some photos show the early skirt samples- with no embroidery and different fabrics.) Ukrainian Easter eggs, Imperial Fabergé eggs and Beranger, a musician who I worked with while I finalized the dress design, inspired the design and name, Bergé. This design is for the fun and chic girls!  There’s a separate petticoat to wear under the skirt- for a fuller/bubble appearance. (Gigi is not wearing the petticoat in the b/w photos.) I am (currently) not accepting (any) customers or orders. However if time permits, I will take orders for the Bergé Dress in late May and June. (The design is only available as a FULL dress. Different laces and sleeve designs...

Ivory Silk Chiffon & White Guipure Lace Baptismal Christening Gown

Anagrassia Baptismal Christening Gown Silk Lace Ivory White Organza Charmeuse Sash Satin Buttons Couture Sewing Handmade Dress Girls Wedding Floral Alencon grey

I made this gown at the last moment for my friend’s little girl, M. I used ivory silk chiffon, diamond white silk charmeuse, and white guipure lace. (I would’ve dyed the lace, but the lace stands out when the lining is a different shade.)  I chose this guipure lace from my stock because it looked the most nordic and M’s ancestors are from Sweden....

The Calling of the Artist

Ukrainian Seamstress Tailor Mary Grace Godfrey

The best things in life uplift us. I am not talking about elevators when we need to get to the top floor, (although that is nice). Rather I am talking about lifting our spirits as we go about our day-to-day activities. This is the role of the artist, who “give us enthusiasm to do our work” as St. John Paul II said in his famous Letter to Artists. Beauty speaks to our hearts like nothing else, for it promises something that we are all seeking – happiness. However this does not always result in a promise fulfilled. We are all aware that beauty can be deceptive when it is only...

House of Godfrey Coming Soon

Bubble, skirt, lace, leotard, bodysuit, colorful, mary grace, anagrassia, harpers bazaar, flower, girl, photography, bright, art, painted, godfrey

In collaboration with my sisters, I created H O U S E  of  G O D F R E Y designs during summer 2016. Over the last year, I have tested the designs, fit, and wash with family, friends and loyal customers 🙂 I plan to finally (and officially) release some of the designs in September! Stay tuned!  ...

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