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Shop new tunics on website here or on Etsy I’m very excited to announce the release of my first ADULT manufactured product! This tunic design is a combination of everything I desire in a tunic: ochre and/or ivory colors, covers the back hips and butt, boat neckline, fitted ¾ sleeves, tighter around the shoulders, not transparent, heavier in weight, and does not look like a maternity top. There are 2 layers of fabric for the bodice. This gives the top a clean neckline, smooth finish, beautiful (and heavier) drape. (Also I think the tunic looks better in person than in photos!) Have you ever worn a tunic and felt like you were...

THE DARIA DRESS: Bohemian Ukrainian Flower Girl Babcha Inspired

bohemian, embroidery, flower girl, dress, tutu, tulle, skirt, ukrainian, ethnic, vintage, inspired, floral, trim, lace, leotard, alencon, pink, ivory, blue, red

Shop Dresses HERE I’m really excited to release the first ANAGRASSIA manufactured product: THE DARIA DRESS! The dresses were made in Chicago, IL and South Bend, IN. Thank you to everyone who worked with me on this project! You all were all incredible and so patient! The DARIA dress is a modern take on a dress my Babcha created and designed over 50 years ago for my mom (who happens to be named Daria !), which was then passed on to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Not only is this dress undeniably cute, but because of its bohemian style, it can be worn throughout the course of several years as a dress...

Summer 2016: My Favorite Anagrassia Girls in Princess & Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dress Tulle Lace Best Anagrassia Leotard Alencon handmade fashion couture champagne floral crown

If you asked me what the most memorable moment of my life has been thus far, I would say it was becoming an aunt. Not just because I shared my sister’s labor pains with excruciating stomach pains of my own (some sort of sister connection here?), but rather how it all ended with meeting my new niece for the first time. It was a very special time for me and my entire family, and it began a new chapter in our lives. The last couple years have been wonderful. And fruitful too, because I now have two more nieces who have brought even more joy to my life. Among other...

Thank You Customers! Part 1: Winter 2016 Flower Girl Dresses

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Unlike most people, I never considered the new year beginning January 1st. Through my school years, my new year began in late August and I counted the years by my grade. Now I no longer count my years that way, but it’s still not the first of the year. Now my new year starts on Easter. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I HATE Lent. Between the unpredictable and depressing weather, greatly missing my sister overseas, and making restrictions on my favorite daily indulgences, this is by far the hardest time of year for me. It’s the time of year I’m forced to dig deep, make changes, and...

Anagrassia Alencon Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Alencon, ivory, white, lace, leotard, bridal, wedding, flower, girl, dress, blush, onesie, fall, winter, champagne, black, communion, tulle, tutu, floral, crown, anagrassia

A N A G R A S S I A  ~ F L O W E R~ G I R L ~D R E S S E S If you are interested in purchasing a custom made (& handmade) bridal or First Holy Communion dress, please contact Mary Grace via email or contact form for the current catalog and order form. Mary Grace is currently only accepting orders via Paypal invoicing. __________ R E A D    F A Q’s   & M O R E   I N F O –> See more flower girl dresses here...