Independence Day Shirt


Skill Level: Easy


1 yard red striped knit fab­ric, 1 yard of blue knit fabric



Card­board paper

Sil­ver paint and paintbrush

Male Body block pattern

fourth of july john 2

Step 1: Mak­ing the Sil­ver Stars

–Lay­out the blue knit fab­ric over newspaper

–Cre­ate a star sten­cil out of cardboard

–Paint sil­ver stars on the blue fab­ric using the stencil

Painting Silver Stars on Blue Knit Fabric


Step  2: Use a men’s knit body (bodice) block pat­tern and trace (using an erasable pen). Then cut. (Cut 1 front and Cut 1 back for each fabric).

Cutting and Tracing body block for fourth of July pattern

Step 3: With right sides together, Serge the sides and shoul­ders together.

Fourth of July Outfit Serge Edges

Step 4: Serge edges (if needed).


Independence Day



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