Dreaming Florals: Past, Present & Future

Floral silk wool shift dress marusya handmade by Designer

I admit I am slightly obsessed with flo­ral prints. This may seem strange, since I rarely wear prints or colors.

If you were to peek into my closet, you’d find neu­tral cloth­ing with small splashes of col­or­ful flo­ral printed gar­ments! You might think­ing to your­self, “How come she wears col­or­ful flo­ral prints and not wear other prints or solid col­ors?” Well, I think it’s because of my Ukrain­ian mother!

I recently went through old fam­ily photo albums. And as I went through the assort­ment of pho­tos from the past 20 or so years, I started to see a cloth­ing trend: Flo­rals. And no, it wasn’t a trend found in one par­tic­u­lar time in my life– it was every year and every sea­son!

Below are some exam­ples: The flo­ral rompers for our annual Christ­mas card were made by my mom!

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  As you can see, I grew up wear­ing soft flo­ral prints. Per­haps this is why I’m drawn to them, whether they’re the sea­sonal trend or not.

Floral silk wool shift dress marusya handmade by Designer

Two years ago, I made this shift dress for Easter.

I didn’t use a com­mer­cial pat­tern. Instead I com­bined two sep­a­rate block (bodice & skirt) pat­terns from the pre­vi­ous year. Since my body shrunk dur­ing that year, I had to take in the dress. This is why the side seams don’t match up.

I found a beau­ti­ful designer silk wool flo­ral fab­ric less than a week before Easter. The price tag on the fab­ric was high. But since I needed less than 1.5 yards of fab­ric and no lin­ing, the high price tag didn’t bother me! And 2 years later, it was totally worth buy­ing the fab­ric because I still  LOVE & wear the dress!

Floral silk wool shift dress marusya handmade by Designer

Floral 7 silk wool shift dress marusya handmade

Stay tuned…I have many more flo­ral projects to come this spring & summer!

And some gar­ments will be made from prints I’ve created  :)

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  1. Am in love with flo­rals too but not every flo­ral. Love your choices though.

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