Dreaming Florals: Past, Present & Future

Floral silk wool shift dress marusya handmade by Designer

I admit I am slightly obsessed with floral prints. This may seem strange, since I rarely wear prints or colors.

If you were to peek into my closet, you’d find neutral clothing with small splashes of colorful floral printed garments! You might thinking to yourself, “How come she wears colorful floral prints and not wear other prints or solid colors?” Well, I think it’s because of my Ukrainian mother!

I recently went through old family photo albums. And as I went through the assortment of photos from the past 20 or so years, I started to see a clothing trend: Florals. And no, it wasn’t a trend found in one particular time in my life- it was every year and every season!

Below are some examples: The floral rompers for our annual Christmas card were made by my mom!

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  As you can see, I grew up wearing soft floral prints. Perhaps this is why I’m drawn to them, whether they’re the seasonal trend or not.

Floral silk wool shift dress marusya handmade by Designer

Two years ago, I made this shift dress for Easter.

I didn’t use a commercial pattern. Instead I combined two separate block (bodice & skirt) patterns from the previous year. Since my body shrunk during that year, I had to take in the dress. This is why the side seams don’t match up.

I found a beautiful designer silk wool floral fabric less than a week before Easter. The price tag on the fabric was high. But since I needed less than 1.5 yards of fabric and no lining, the high price tag didn’t bother me! And 2 years later, it was totally worth buying the fabric because I still  LOVE & wear the dress!

Floral silk wool shift dress marusya handmade by Designer

Floral 7 silk wool shift dress marusya handmade

Stay tuned…I have many more floral projects to come this spring & summer!

And some garments will be made from prints I’ve created  🙂

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    Am in love with florals too but not every floral. Love your choices though.

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      Thanks Sassy!

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