Back to Our Roots with 80’s Fashion & Boyfriend Style Cashmere Jackets

Boyfriend Style 80s Blazer Sports Jacket

Back to our Roots Those of us born in the 80’s likely feel a strong attachment to the decade. And just as we who lean on our mothers for support as we become mothers ourselves might begin to resemble them, we who have added Adidas Originals to our wardrobes are also dressing like them too. Especially in our family where my father, who played professional football, had a shoe contract with Adidas. He was always bringing home interesting new things for us to wear. Today with woman multitasking more than ever, a country-style sports jacket traditionally worn by men can be a fantastic fit for today’s millennial woman. With a...

Matching Champagne Wool Coats with Cognac Leather & Wide Collars

100% Long Champagne Wool Coat jacket with cognac honey leather cuffs buttons and extra wide collar, matching mom, handmade, couture, black suede over knee boot

This year, Gigi and I are wearing the new coats I have available for sale in my  A N A G R A S S I A  shop. (Read about last year’s annual “AUNTIE & ME” matching wool cashmere coats here.) The coats are made from 100% champagne wool and cognac leather. My coat (the adult style) cuffs are made from genuine cognac leather and Gigi’s (kid’s) cuffs are made with beige (100%) wool. Both coats are fully lined with polyester lining or tencel. (*Tencel is a sustainable & cellulose fabric which has a great weight & drape. It’s also breathable and warmer than other lining fabrics.) The enclosures are made from genuine leather cognac buttons. With the exception of the...

Matching Red Tweed, Cashmere, & Genuine Leather Custom Jackets for Gigi & Cha Cha Mimi

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Photos by Photography by Anastassia Have you ever found a beautiful fabric that was so perfect that you were afraid to do anything with it? A bad design or an errant cut could ruin it forever (or so you think). This red tweed was definitely such a challenge. During a Christmas 2014 sale, I purchased an absolutely amazing red tweed wool fabric and honey leather buttons from Britex Fabrics. I had my eyes on the red tweed for a very long time before I purchased it. The price was well over $100/yd and I wasn’t sure if the material and colors were as vibrant as they appeared to be online....

Burdastyle Charcoal Wool and Navy Leather Winter Coat

Charcoal Wool and navy leather 1 2011 126 Burdastyle sewing pattern winter coat

 Last October, I made a navy cashmere and leather coat for one of my dearest friends. I would not call it a success. Since this first coat did not turn out as I had hoped, I simply had to design a new version of the winter coat! The new coat was first going to be an original and modern twist on a particular vintage style. (I’m being vague in my description because I hope to eventually make this vintage design myself.) But since I didn’t have time to make a mock-up and test the vintage design, I decided to be safe and use the Burdastyle 01/2011 #126 Winter Coat Pattern size...

The (Unsuccessful) Navy Leather & Cashmere Notre Dame Inspired Winter Coat for “Croc”

Navy Cashmere leather long collared winter coat anagrassia quilted lining

Thank you Tess & Gigi for taking these photos on our walk last week. Photography by Anastassia I always knew “Croc” would remain one of my best friends after college. She used to share her croissant ends with me at Starbucks during our freshman year at Notre Dame. Yes, you heard me right – “croissant ends.” Almost every Tuesday and Thursday before our History class together, we used to grab Starbucks coffee and croissants at the “Huddle” on campus. Not only would she share her study notes, stress, and gossip with me, she always offered me the greasy ends of her croissant, which she knew I loved! After freshman year, I...