Beauty Begins When You Embrace Your Flaws -Chanel

Beauty Begins When you ebrace your flaws Chanel Freckles
This photo is a little too bright and therefore hard to see my freckles.

Since I can remember, I’ve always had freckles. Growing up, adults always commented on how “cute” my freckles were. And because of those comments (and probably the fact that my mom didn’t have lots of facial freckles), I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my freckles.

My mom swore that my freckles would fade as I grew older, but they never did. And since high school, I’ve worn foundation to cover my freckles and hide my discolorations. However overtime I’ve embraced my freckles, but I admit that I still wear light coverage to lighten my freckles.

Beauty Begins When you ebrace your flaws Chanel Freckles

Recently, I went shopping for a new light foundation make-up for a wedding coming up (which I will have a handful projects to post after this wedding).

After testing a few products, the lady at Chanel found some great coverage for me. But the ironic thing was that after discussing with her about my desire to find a light coverage which could also lightened my freckles, I received this ribbon from the Chanel counter!  I laughed with the lady because if I truly embraced my flaws (which in this case- my freckles), I wouldn’t need their make-up!


More sewing posts coming next week! 

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